Force Android Firmware Update (without root)

This article is related to all Google Phones like Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, etc. If Google releaes some firmware update you can „force“ your device to receive this update also if your device tells you that no update is available. This is working also for all of your devices which havn’t root access. As we know this workflow is working at any devices for any firmware updates. You only have to do the following simple steps to force your device to get the update:

  1. Go to „Settings -> Apps -> All -> Google-Service-Framework“
  2. Delete „Data and Cache“ and agree with „yes“
  3. Stop the service (it will start again)
  4. Go to „Settings -> About the Phone -> Systemupdate“
  5. The last date the Phone has check updates should be in year 1970. Please click „check now“.
  6. Now you sould receive the update-information of the Phone and you can download the Firmware Upgrade. If not please repeat all the steps again a few times (yes, this works)!

Enjoy your new Android Firmware Updates.

Update: This only works till Androis Version 4.4.4 alias KitKat.